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Takeout/Delivery Menu
For takeout or delivery, We deliver from 9am to 2pm & from 5pm to 9pm only with a $1.50 delivery charge. To place an order click the link below
Available: Mon - Sat 9am to 9pm; Sun 10am to 8pm
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Breakfast Sandwiches
Served 9am to 2pm. Se hacen desayunos al gusto del cliente. Served on a brioche bun or white bread.
Ham, 2 Eggs & American Cheese Sandwich $6.99
Bacon, 2 Eggs & American Cheese Sandwich $6.99
Sausage, 2 Eggs & American Cheese Sandwich $6.99
2 Eggs & American Cheese Sandwich $6.99
2 Egg Cheesesteak Sandwich
with American cheese, mustard & ketchup
Breakfast Burger
Egg, bacon, fried onions, ketchup & mustard. Served on brioche bun or white bread with chips.

Chicharrones / Pork Belly
1/2 libra / 1/2 pound or Libra / Pound for add'l charge
Choice of chicken, beef or cheese.
Mozzarella Sticks (5)
Served with tomato sauce.
French Fries $2.75
Chicken Fingers & Fries
Served with ketchup & BBQ sauce.
Chicken Quesadilla
Served with salsa & sour cream.
Cheesesteak Quesadilla
Served with salsa & sour cream.
Shrimp Quesadilla
Served with salsa & sour cream.
Cheese Quesadilla
Served with salsa & sour cream.
Vegetable Quesadilla
Served with salsa & sour cream.
Wing-Dings (7)
Served with fries & blue cheese.
with shrimp, onions, tomato, cilantro, ketchup & spicy sauce
Hard Tortilla
with guacamole, spicy sauce & parmesan cheese Tostadas de guacamole con salsa picante y queso parmesano.
Flautas (3)
Fried crispy rolled taquitos filled with chicken, lettuce, tomato & sour cream. Served with beans & rice. Flautas (3) De pollo con lechuga, tomate y crema. Servido con frijoles y arroz
Enchiladas (3)
Ground beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots & egg. Enchiladas (3) Picado de vegetales con carne molida, repollo, y huevo.

California Salad
Fresh greens, crispy chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato & ranch dressing on the side.
Tuscan Salad
Fresh greens, tomato, cucumber, onion & cheddar cheese. Served with grilled chicken or grilled steak or shrimp for add'l charge.
Valencia’s Salad
Fresh greens, tomato, onion, cucumber, red pepper, green olives & feta cheese with grilled chicken & balsamic vinaigrette.
Mexican Salad
Fresh greens, black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, sour cream & jalapeno ranch dressing. Served with grilled chicken or shrimp or grilled steak for add'l charge.

Served with American cheese. Add toppings for add'l charge.
Plain Cheesesteak Sandwich $7.50
Cheesesteak Hoagie
with lettuce, tomato, onions & mayo
Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich $8.00

Three Little Pigs
Beef Sliders w/ Fries $8.99
Pulled Pork Sliders w/ Fries $8.99

Served with fries
American cheese, lettuce, tomato & onions.
B.L.T Burger
Cheeseburger, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Grilled Steak Sandwich
with fried onions, American cheese & jalapeno ranch
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
with lettuce, tomato & mayo

Mexican Tacos
3 tacos per order / 3 tacos por orden. All tacos comes with cilantro & onions. Todos los tacos vienen con cilatro y cebolla.
Tacos de Asada / Beef $7.50
Tacos al Pastor / Marinated Pork $7.50
Tacos de Lengua / Tongue $9.00
Tacos de Pollo / Chicken $7.50
Tacos de Camaron / Shrimp $9.00
Tacos de Pescado / Fish $9.00
Tacos de Puerco / Roasted Pork $7.00
Valencia’s Tacos
Beef (asada), guacamole, pico de gallo, cilantro & onions.

Served with tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions & fries
Lamb Gyro $7.99
Chicken Gyro $7.99
Steak Gyro $7.99
Marinated Pork Gyro $7.99

Platillos / Platters
Carne Asada / Grilled Steak
Served with rice, beans & salad. Servido con arroz, frijoles y ensalada.
Tilapia Frita / Fried Tilapia
Served with rice & beans & salad or plantains. Servido con arroz y ensalada o con tajadas.
Pollo a la Plancha / Grilled Chicken
Served with Rice & Salad. Servido con Arroz y ensalada.
Yuca con Chicharron / Cassava w/ Pork Belly
Served with coleslaw, pickled vegetables & salsa. Servido con ensalada de repollo, encurtido y salsa.
Bistec a la Mexican / Mexican Steak
Served with rice, beans, grilled onions, tomato, jalapeno & tomato sauce. Servido con arroz , frijoles, cebolla, tomate, jalapeno y salsa roja.
Camarones a la Mexicana / Mexican Shrimp
Served with grilled onions, tomato, jalapeno, tomato, sauce, rice & beans. Servido con cebolla, tomate, jalapeno, salsa roja, arroz y frijoles.
Bistec Encebollado / Onion Steak
Served with rice & beans. Servido con arroz y frijoles.
Choice of beef, chicken or shrimp with rice & beans. Eleccion de, res, pollo o camaron con arroz y frijoles.
Pollo con Tajadas / Fried Chicken
Served with coleslaw, pickled vegetables & sauce. Servido con ensalada de repollo, encurtido y aderezo.
3 Piezas de Pollo / 3 pcs of Fried Chicken $10.99
3 pupusas per order with coleslaw & pickled vegetables. 3 pupusas por orden con ensalada de repollo y encurtido. chicharron con queso o solo con queso.
Pescado Empanizado / Fish & Chips
4 pcs of cod fish with fries. 4 piezas de pescado con papas fritas.

Ensalada de Papa / Potato Salad $2.50
Ensalada de Coditos / Macaroni Salad $2.50
Ensalada de Vegetales / Vegetable Salad $2.50
Ensalada de Repollo / Coleslaw $2.50
Encurtido / Pickled Vegetables $2.50
Pico de Gallo $2.50

Cafe - Coffee $1.00
Canned Soda
Choose from our selection.
Bottled Soda (20 oz.)
Choose from our selection.
C&C Bottled Soda (24oz.)
Choose from our selection.
Choose from our selection.
Choose from our selection.
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Monster $2.50
Red Bull $2.50
Bottled Water $1.50
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